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What is a Colonoscopy?

Your doctor has recommended a Colonoscopy. This is a special test that allows your doctor to look directly into the last part of the intestines to help find out why children have diarrhea, bloody stool and abdominal pain.  The procedure is performed under anesthesia and he/she will take a narrow bendable tube with a camera and a light to look inside. The physician may take very small tissue samples, the size of a pinhead. This can help your doctor explain why you might have abdominal (stomach) pain, diarrhea) or bleeding when you go to the bathroom.

Reasons why children may need a Colonoscopy?

Blood in the stool
Abdominal pain
Weight loss
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
•Crohn’s Disease
Family history of polyps

What happens before and after the test?

Before the test, you will be required to perform a cleanout with (Miralax & Dulcolax) with clear fluids. Specific instructions will be provided to the patient for this cleanout. This must be completed as it allows your doctor to perform the colonoscopy completely. On the morning of the test, you are not supposed to eat or drink anything.

After the test, your doctor may have pictures to show you and your family. At the same time, he/she can tell your family if there are any medicines for you. Once you are drinking well, you can start eating again and go home.

After the test, have your parents call your doctor if you have…
Abdominal pain for more than an hour
Excessive vomiting
Bleeding (passing small amounts of blood (less than a spoonful) may be normal for 1-2 days, but if it is more than that, please contact our office
Fevers (persistent) please contact our office